CANARY ISLANDS CYCLING WEEK 4th – 11th February 2020

Overthetop Ciclismo

The idea of the Canary Islands’ Cycling week dates back to 2015: then, it was part of a larger project that involved the concentration of sporting events linked to different disciplines, to be played during an international event, every year in February, in the islands of the archipelago.


The project, which represented a challenge for our structure at that time, was put on stand-by and remodeled, providing a process that begins with an event dedicated to cycling, related to contents for fans, linked to the concept of tourism that is so modular in the Canary Islands. The intention is to enrich the event, over three years, opening it to various activities related to bicycles.

In the future, enjoying the necessary consents, we will extend the formula to other disciplines, giving life to a week of sports outside the usual circuits, outside the seasonal calendars and in the name of physical resistance.


Therefore the first edition, that of 2020, will focus on road cycling and will be based on a very smooth program, consisting of daily trips in groups of cyclists who can choose the preferred route, based on mileage and physical effort. In the afternoon, tourist-cultural programs will be offered to enjoy them with family and friends who will have followed the participants. Only the last day will be a competitive time trial to declare the winner of the OVERTHETOP Trophy, which will be offered as a prize each year.


The program for 2021 will include a growing number of competitions, such as a granfondo and a team endurance race. The 2021 edition will also be open to off-road cycling with daily excursions and a final Enduro competition, as well as demonstrations and shows of freeride and downhill. The following year, in addition to maintaining the initial program for cyclists, the competitions will be extended to endurance events such as a tour around the island of Tenerife with uneven levels of outside human capacity, a 24 Hours with a team, circuits and much more.



  • Tenerife is already known by many cyclists, who choose this island as a destination for their holidays. It enjoys the best microclimate in the world, allowing events to take place in February, when there is no rainfall and temperatures between 18 and 24 degrees, 24 hours a day. The excellent hotel infrastructure guarantees a virtually unlimited receptivity.
  • Tenerife offers extraordinary nature that gathers sea, mountain and land of all kinds in such little space. Within a few kilometers you go up from sea level to the Teide, the authentic volcanic totem of the island, almost 4000m tall.
  • Every day, more than 400 flights connect the island with all the European countries.
  • The organization wishes to work in collaboration with the administrations of the islands involved so that the project can be developed over several years.
  • The organization wants to operate in total harmony with the local cycling federation, also collaborating with the numerous clubs, favoring the participation of the many practitioners of the archipelago. We believe that these premises will ensure a positive reception
  • The event, also at the local level, will be attended by an army of international vacationers always sensitive to the fascination of sport.



OVERTHETOP will offer multiple reasons to appeal to the “quiet” fan who is accompanied by his family, to mix passion and vacations; to the group of friends that decides to participate as a team in one of the planned events … even hardest and purest: that each time finds new motivations for more and more extreme challenges. For all, a way to build a holiday adapted to cycling and nature. As of April 2019, the promotion of the event is planned throughout Europe.

Taking into account all the costs of attending the event (air travel from Europe, transport of equipment, transfers, accommodation, food, tourist programs, technical assistance, medical care and insurance), the cost will be particularly low for a week’s stay.



OVERTHETOP is aimed at all those who love to challenge their skills: beginners, enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals. But also simple passionate people who want to combine enjoyable walks in a nature as varied as insurmountable, with moments of real pleasure in contact with an extraordinary climate, where going for a dip in the Ocean in February is the norm. Those who wish to pursue great results can join the competitive ranking: by registering in their own category or in the general victory. Special attention will be paid to team results.



The organization will be promoted through the SQUARE brand, property of Cromatica, a communications group that has been transferring its headquarters to Tenerife for many years. Square counts on professionals with long experience and will be supported by local institutions and clubs.

Overall, around 40 people are involved in the staff: organizers of some important cycling competitions for amateurs, entrepreneurs involved with important brands in the cycling sector, testimonials, an entire medical staff.

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